Quality & Sustainability


Securing the quality and food safety of our products is our nr. 1 priority.

Controlling the entire cold chain of the products from catch to delivery, training our suppliers and staff regularly, lab tests in-house and external and many other actions, are there to maintain the high quality and food safety of our products.

Our EU approved fish processing plant is audited and updated on regular bases.


In many businesses the key word these days is sustainability, in our business it’s not different. Sustainability belongs to our top priorities. Therefore the use of artisanal fishing fleet, local fishermen who fish with small boats (Pirogue’s) has been a specific choice by us. Fishing with bottom-gill nets (for the Sole Fishery) can only be marked as an sustainable way to gain our products.

This has been confirmed by organizations as MSC and in Holland ‘de Viswijzer’, which green listed the Tropical Sole caught in The Gambia, by artisanal bottom-gill net fishery.

MSC is currently in the process of assessing the Gambian Sole Fishery, to become one of the first MSC certified small-scale fisheries.

Social Economical

Year-round we employ between the 100-150 people, many (80%) of them women who are the keystone of their families and who have a great share in the development of Africa, and particular Gambia.

Indirectly several thousands of people are benefiting from our operation and we have witnessed over de past decade a serious improvement and professionalization in all the areas in which we operate in The Gambia.

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