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The Atlantic Seafood Company brand stands for the best quality of frozen sustainable seafood from Africa, but also stands for development and improvement ofThe Gambia and their people.
The Atlantic Seafood Company was established by Michel Huijser, a Dutch Entrepreneur, who was looking for new opportunities in The Gambia, West Africa. The Atlantic Seafood Company offers direct employment to 120 people. After being involved in the development of The Gambia for over 10 years, the founder discovered a great potential in the sustainable fishing industry, which was very much undeveloped at that time.
Michel Huijser decided to invest in the fishing industry together with GIPFZA (The Gambia Investment Promotion and Free zones Agency), jointly they made a plan to upgrade the standard of the fishing industry in The Gambia to the highest level.
After renting a factory for a year in 2004, during which they tested the potential of the fishing industry in The Gambia.

Atlantic Sole fillet roll

80 pecent of staff are women they prepared a plan to build a brand new factory. In the beginning of 2006 the operation started in the new factory, which has been marked by several quality controllers from the European Union (EU) as the role model for Africa. The Atlantic Seafood Company started to export to The Netherlands, Belgium Germany, France, UK, Spain and S-Africa.
The Atlantic Seafood Company has been working with 60 staff members in the factory, as well as 60/70 contingency staff used when production requires it. They are also working with over 400 canoes, employing at least another 1500 fishermen in the country, which is still one of the poorest in Africa. These canoes, which are 6 to 15 metres long, bring in between 20 to 40 kilos of fish per day.

Atlantic Sole Fillets and Giant Tiger Shrimp

The Atlantic Seafood Company is continuously studying how to make their organisation and production more sustainable. People 4 Earth have been giving The Atlantic Seafood Company their moral support on how to further improve the business. So that they are now able to, for instance, invest in a fish deboner and fish meal plant, making sure that all of the fish is being used and no waste is being produced.

About The Atlantic Seafood Company

The Atlantic Seafood Company (Gambia) Ltd., a subsidiary of Network SeafoodB.V., was established in 2004.The company exports deep-frozen sole, prawns and cuttlefish to the EU and South African markets. Other products include octopus, turbot and lobster.
The Gambia sole fishery is among four fisheries in Africa
and South America participating in a small-scale and datapoor fisheries certification programme from the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). The MSC certification could open doors to trade for these fisheries and contribute tolong-term social, environmental and economic benefits in their communities.

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